12-10-2010 - Happy news recently in the Potato Riot household with the birth of B.F., our baby girl. Her imminence was the theme of our most recent (and possibly least tasteful) movie: The Craving.

12-01-2010 - In technical news I have converted our streaming videos to use open standards instead of Flash. If you are using a modern browser then you ought to see some smooth video action. If not, then for god's sake get a modern browser.

10-01-2010 - I have made a thin attempt to obscure the identities of our ever-brave Potato Riot actors from search engines. People (including myself) have been asked about Potato Riot in job interviews. The following are the positions for which your experience with Potato Riot might be relevant:

  1. Zombie
  2. Zombie Wrangler
  3. B-movie actor
Let me know if you'd rather see your full name up in lights, I wouldn't want to be decreasing your internet celebrity. --AON

09-01-2010 - Two films from African Solutions, one that Potato Riot made up the technical crew for and an incredibly moving film that really gets to the heart of the matter.

09-01-2010 - Although we've been back from our year in South Africa for over a year, we're still not finished editing a crazy orphan-zombie movie we shot there. Alex has also written a novel featuring South African sangomas (spiritual healers and diviners), set in Tivoli, NY!

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