We are an independent no-budget movie production collective situated in New York City. You can reach us at info@potatoriot.com.

Alex Richards Bio:

Hailing from New Mexico, Alex relocated to New York, NY, via Bard College in the Hudson valley. She worked in photography, art and theater but discovered her true vocation as a filmmaker during a guerilla infiltration of daytime TV.

She lives in Brooklyn with a programmer, a child, and two cats, and her novel, Accidental, will be published in July 2020. She (sometimes) blogs at alexrichards.org.

Andy O'Neill Bio:

Andy's Headshot

Trained as an astrophysicist at Europe's finest schools, Andy dabbled in construction, cheese, steel, and fried potatoes before moving to the US in 2000. With the bursting of the dot-com bubble his academic talents were refocussed on astroparticle physics, while his right-brain was put to use on film-making.

He lives in Brooklyn with a writer, two children, and two cats, and is currently working as a software engineer at Harry's. He (rarely) blogs at ultrahigh.org.