12-25-2007 - Our latest film, "Christmas Stalking", is now finished. It's a Christmas-themed and gruesome slasher flick.

10-22-2007 - Check out Alex's latest project, a stop-motion scene from Back Talk. In case you didn't know, Back Talk is Alex's first novel which was published in July. Check it out - it's amazing!

10-22-2007 - We've re-organized the site to make the streaming movies more obvious.

03-13-2007 - OK, We have most of our movies available in streaming flash now. You can see a list of all streamable movies.

03-11-2007 - Lots going on at the moment -- we just put up The Experiment II in streaming Flash format, something we'd like to do for all of the movies when we get a chance. We just helped our friends Matt & Julie with a short video that you'll be coming to a YouTube near you soon.

02-02-2007 - We finally got round to putting Experiment II online.

01-10-2007 - We filmed a project (Christmas Stalking) over Xmas in Santa Fe. It's classic Potato Riot - all stupid half-assed horror scenes strung together with the flimsiest of plot lines. We'll be editing it in time for Xmax 2007.

10-03-2006 - We've been working pretty hard on Experiment II - hope to have it finished Real Soon Now (TM).

02-15-2006 - Potato Riot's latest project is a happy one - we're engaged to be married! Experiment II is progressing slowly. The hunt for the perfect wedding dress has top priority.

01-23-2006 - OK, so Andy's idea of a musical number got shot down but we have almost finished filming The Experiment II. Here's a production still from our shoot this weekend in Brooklyn.

10-19-2005 - The great news is that we've started working on Experiment II - Result Invalidated, which will see Andy Newman reprise his role as Chad, the hero physicist battling the evil powers of Mij (Andy O'Neill) to save the beautiful Jennifer (Alex Richards) from the dimension of pain. Expect to see action, horror, intoxication and a musical number that will blow your mind! Not to mention a cast of OVER FOUR PEOPLE!!! (We're really moving up in the world!)

09-30-2005 - We at Potato Riot have been busy this year with family matters, but we've got a few projects on the back burner and can't wait to start shooting again. Expect something fun by the spring, and perhaps something good in the summer!

07-30-2005 - Nick Corrao (with a little help from his friends and family!) did indeed create a masterpiece entitled "Bleached". There'll be more information and a website later this year.

01-20-2005 - We are hoping to produce a movie by Nick Corrao, last seen here as the evil 'Ed' in Deadline. He has a great screenplay and a lot of talent so we're really happy to be involved and to start returning the many favors! More details as they emerge.

12-18-2004 - We finally finished the french movie "Paris Des Rêves", directed and for the first time edited by Alex. This was all shot in France by the Richards family in April 2004.

11-20-2004 - We've filmed part of a spooky movie based on a freaky painting Andy found in the trash. It looks pretty good so far but of course everyone's too busy to finish it just yet.