Deadline - a Potato Riot Film


Danny Screws wrote a screenplay for the arrogant Jamie Butterworth which is entered in an important Movie festival. Only 24 hours before the deadline, Danny discovers that Butterworth has stolen his idea as his own. He resolves to make his own movie, and fast! With the help and support of his friends and his talented girlfriend, Danny creates a masterpiece... but he only has 20 minutes to get his movie to the judges!

Deadline was our entry in the NYC Midnight Movie Madness competition 2003. The first round of this comeptition required us to produce a movie in two weeks about "people who stand up against someone who is bullying them" and is in the "action" genre. This movie became self-referential in that the bullies are a team creating a film for a movie festival and our hero is left with just 24 hours to fight back.

Unfortunately we did not make it to the final round, although we are proud of this movie - it has one of the most coherent plotlines we've every created. It was a real blast to make, and we repeated the experience in 2004.

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