The Experiment II - Results Invalidated - a Potato Riot Film


In this TERRIFYING sequel to The Experiment the brilliant scientist Chad tries to brings his old friend Jim back from the Dimension of Pain. When the experiment inevitably diverges from being safe and successful, our heroine Jennifer once again finds herself the target of crazed zombies. Only the intervention of a mysterious renegade scientist can save Jennifer -- and the planet -- from the evil that won't stay dead.

When Andy N. approached us with the idea for a sequel to The Experiment, it was one of those zen moments for the Potato Riot family. Ideas started bubbling up almost immediately. In a few short days we had a screenplay and were ready to start shooting. In another several months we were finished!

Filmed at Columbia University's Pupin Laboratories and in Brooklyn. The safe house scenes were shot on Halloween, 2005, and we thank India for the use of her premises.

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