Transkei Terror - a Potato Riot Film


A horde of crazed children are on the loose in South Africa. Donations welcome.

Shot during our sojourn in South Africa, working with A.S.A.P. in the Eastern Cape. ASAP supports women running drop-in centres for vulnerable children in South Africa.

As soon as we arrived in Mount Frere and met the women who volunteer at Hlomelikusasa, we knew we wanted to make a fun movie before we left. In the end it was during the last week of our year there that we drove out to Mrs Tshalana's drop-in center (2 hours down a dirt road) and asked the kids there if they knew what a zombie was and if they wanted to be in the movie. One of the kids asked (in Xhosa) "can we paint our faces?" and we smiled at each other. Another Potato Riot classic.

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